Mobile photography as true aesthetic

Author collection of hand-crafted presets for Lightroom Mobile
Zauri Galustov


The story behind
I am a designer and hobbyist photographer based in Ukraine. Travelling was always something more than just a way of spending time and leisure for me. So was the photography. I try to capture most captivating and atmospheric sights of every place I travel to. Editing photos on the go is an essential part of this process. I've created a pack of presets for Adobe Lightroom Mobile, which I am using as a primary tool for editing photos, and now I want to share them. All presets are hand-crafted from ground up and optimized to be used in most scenarios and various light conditions. Each pack contains from 1 to 3 presets, named by the city they where created in. More presets will be added in future as I continue travelling the world.